The Co Op. A local Working Photovoltaic Installation.


Photovoltaic Installation


The CI CO-OP has installed some south facing panels on the roof of their Grouville Store. With the help from the CI CO-OP and from Mark Brandon of 'Solar-Works' CIREG enclose the power output results of this installation of 60 (number) 270 pw (power) photovoltaic panels, each measuring  approximation 1.5 square metres over the period of 2016

The results show that 18,704 Kw/hrs was generated over 2016. This is equivalent at current general price of 14.50 p per Kw/hr of saving £2,712 over that same period ( 209 Kwhrs/m2/yr or  £29 per m2 generated per year.). Co-Op  Kw hours of generated Electricity / Month (Total of period of 12 months during 2106, - 18,704 Kw/hours.