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Raphael VIBERT

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Raphael is a highly qualified Passivhaus designer, consultant and Passivhaus certifier for Herz & Lang GmbH. He has worked with this company since 2011. The list of Passivhaus new constructions and refurbishments which he has gained experience with through his company Herz & Lang Engineering Company is as long as your arm.  

Herz & Lang Passivhaus experience in construction and design stretch from Passivhaus private residential builds, public nursery schools, apartments, office buildings, an Olympic sports village, swimming pools, sport halls, prisons, supermarkets, court houses, through to the now iconic Passivhaus (PH) Frankfurt Hospital which Raphael will concentrate on in this presentation.  

Raphael’s technical expertise includes, building physics for thermal behaviour and moisture proofing, Passive House planning certification, calculations on thermal bridges, accurate dynamic simulation of a building envelope and mechanical systems, hydrothermal simulation, optimisation of cooling and sun protection concepts, evaluation of ventilation systems with heat recovery, quality management and tendering process, certified airtightness measurements, and qualified thermography.

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